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Atlas MAA Mission
Atlas MAA Main Objectives
The Atlas Moroccan American Association is a
charitable, non-profitable, non-political and
non-religious organization committed to build a strong
Moroccan Community in South Florida and pave the
way for its members to reach their full potential within
the American society, through education, guidance
and social services.

. Provide orientation, support and guidance to new
members of the Moroccan community regarding the
available resources such us driver's license, schools,
jobs among others.

. Provide important social services to the Moroccan
community such as consular and administrative
assistance, as well as burial services.

. Organize social, cultural and sport events for the
purpose of bringing members of the Moroccan and
non-Moroccan communities together.

. Organize educational, cultural, sport and fun
activities for the benefit of our children and youth, to
positively impact their personalities and boost their

. Strengthen the rapport between members of
Moroccan, American and other communities through
the participation in selected local and national events.
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understanding, respect, citizenship, fraternity, and
Atlas MAA’s vision is to promote universal values of
mutual assistance, and lead a new generation of
productive, responsible, and socially contributing
members of the society.
Atlas MAA Vision
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